Product Photography: Lynn Wolcott

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What is Bloom? Bloom is an endeavor. Bloom is an experiment of love.

The search for the truck that would become Bloom ended in San Jose in March of 2016. Tim drove home this 1990 GMC Grumman Workhorse six cylinder step van with a little over a 100k miles on it, swearing intermittently and complaining about the old springs. Is it a millennial truck? Yes it is, and that’s okay. It has no working AC that we are aware of among the unlabeled switches on the dashboard.  Still, underneath this steel is an engine that I knew even then will take me where we need be. It would become the incubator for what is now Bloom, heating up my ideas into fruition. Bloom is a journey. Will we ever make it to where we are going? Does it even matter? This is what we chose, this is what we spend our time on for fun, because Bloom is about rolling on, and meeting the future head-on in our Sacramento communities.